•  November 29, 2021

Mc Kevin, Wife Deolane Bezerra & Daughter: Wiki, Bio, Age & Cause of Death

By: Joseph N. | Published on: May 18, 2021

Mc Kevin, Wife Deolane Bezerra & Daughter: Wiki, Bio, Age & Cause of Death

Mc Kevin’s wife Deolane Bezerra is widowed just two weeks after their marriage. Mc Kevin, the Brazilian social media star and singer fell from the balcony of his hotel room in Rio De Janeiro and that took his life. Kevin was two weeks married to his wife Deolane Bezerra at the time of his death. Who is Deolane Bezerra? More on Deolane Bezerra Wiki, Bio, Age, & Net Worth.

Mc Kevin: Cause of Death

Mc. Kevin, the Brazilian singer, and social media influencer was declared dead on 6th May 2021, Sunday. Kevin was at a beachside resort in Rio De Janeiro when the singer fell to death. Kevin fell from his hotel room’s balcony which was on the fifth floor. He slipped into the hotel after his performance at a nightclub in Rio on 15th May 2021.

Kevin’s slip from his hotel room balcony left him with critical injuries. He was rushed to hospital, but the injuries were too critical for him to survive. There are rumors about Mc Kevin’s death labeling it as a possible suicide. The matter has been handed over to the officials for investigation. Any reports on the case are due to be published. 

Deolane Bezerra's recent post on Instagram post Mc Kevin's death

Kevin’s widow Deolane took to Instagram on 18th May 2021 to announce the demise of her husband. She penned down her emotions on her husband’s death through a post that quoted “And on that day you spoke into my ear ‘Life now is until death separates us’ .. and I’m sure that It’s just like that for us to separate, we were not there for anything and nobody, being happy was our goal… How we laughed at the criticism .. How we lived everything so fast, right? We ran over everything, we were in a hurry to be happy, our destiny was tracked. You left and took a piece of me, you were always so amazing, appear again, and speak for my forgotten life, I woke up, don’t leave me, I waited for 33 years to be happy and you abandon me? It’s not fair for you to leave like that! It is not! It is Not! My love.”

Mc Kevin, Wife Deolane Bezerra & Daughter Soraya: Wiki, Bio, Age & Family

Deolane is a Brazilian native born and raised in Brazil with her two siblings. She was born in the year 1988. Bezzera is a criminal lawyer, who graduated her post-graduate level in the criminal and criminal process in November 2020. She runs a law firm namely Bezerra Advogados & Associados based in Brazil along with her two sisters. All of her siblings are criminal law advocates. 

Deolane Bezerra got married to Mc Kevin on April 2021, after a year of dating. The couple seemed head over heal in love with each other. Kevin has a five-year-old daughter, Soraya N. Mochina, from his previous relationship with Evelin Gusmao. Soraya studies in primary school as of now. She lives with her mother Evelin.

Mc Kevin's daughter Soraya covered with gifts from her father on children's day

Kevin died on 16th May 2021 at age twenty-three, leaving his family devastated. Kevin and Deolane were two weeks married at the time of his demise. He left behind his newlywed bride and a five-year-old toddler at mourns.