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What Happened to Franco Battiato? Cause of Death, Wiki, Bio & Family

By: Joseph N. | Published on: May 18, 2021

What Happened to Franco Battiato? Cause of Death, Wiki, Bio & Family

Franco Battiato, the popular Italian singer, and songwriter took his last breath on 18th May 2021 at his house in Sicily, Italy. Franco Battiato was seventy-six years of age at the time of his demise. What happened to Franco Battiato? Read more on Franco Battiato’s early life & family.

Franco Battiato Wiki, Bio, Age & Net Worth

Franco Battiato was born on 23rd March 1945 in Sicily Italy. He lost his father when he was twenty-two years old. His father was a truck driver and longshoreman based in New York. He moved to Milan to pursue a career in music after his father’s death. 

Franco is known as the master of music for his knowledge and excellence in the field. He dedicated forty years of his life to the music industry. He is famous for his fusion creation of electronic and classical music, often considered the black sheep that stood off in the crowd for his experiments in music. 

Franco Battiato 

Battiato was known as the singer, songwriter, poet, producer, painter of his era. La Cure, Poor Homeland, Center of Permanent Gravity, Up Patriots to Arms were some of his extraordinary contributions to the music world. Later as he evolved at the cinemas his productions like Perduto Amor (Lost Love) and Musikanten got featured at the Venice Flim Festival.

Franco was not married to anyone, he did not marry in his entire life. He was really close to his mother, who died in 1994. He contributed his entire life to music. Franco was an active advocate of the LGBT community. In his last years, he couldn’t connect to his audiences because of the femur which affected his commutes and movements. Franco died on 18th May 2021, at his house in Sicily at age seventy-six.  

Franco Battiato: Cause of Death 

Franco Battiato was seventy-six years old at the time of his demise. Franco lost his life to Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects the nervous system. He had been fighting the disease for a long time. Battiato took his last breath at his castle home in Sicily, Italy, which is also his birthplace.    

Franco who contributed four decades of his life to music and poetry drew his last breath on 18th May 2021. His cremation ceremony will take place this week among members of his family. The music industry soaks in mourn at the loss of a titan.