•  November 29, 2021

Whitney Scott Mathers (Eminem's Daughter): Wiki, Bio, Age, Boyfriend & Net Worth

By: Joseph N. | Published on: May 15, 2021

Whitney Scott Mathers (Eminem's Daughter): Wiki, Bio, Age, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Eminem’s daughter Whitney Scott Mathers is the youngest among her siblings, Haile Jade & Alaina Marie Mathers. Whitney Scott is currently pursuing her studies. Who is Whitney Scott Mathers? More on: Whitney Scott Mather’s Wiki, Bio, Age, Sexuality & Net Worth.  

Eminem’s Daughter Whitney Scott Mathers: Wiki, Bio, Age & Boyfriend

Whitney Scott Mathers was born on 16th April 2002 in Missouri, the USA to parents Eric Hatter and Kimberly Anne Scott. Whitney is not the biological daughter of rapper Eminem, however, he has officially adopted her into his family. She is the youngest among her two half-siblings Alaina Marie Mathers and Haile Jade. 

Whitney Scott Mathers with father Eminem.

Whitney is Kimberely’s daughter from her boyfriend, Eric Hatter. Eminem was married to Kimberely twice; they first married in 1999 after a decade of dating. They had a daughter Haile Jade in 1995 from their relationship. The relationship couldn’t last and they officially called it off in 2001. Eminem adopted Whitney in 2005 when she was three years old. In 2006, Eminem and Kimberly married for the second time but the marriage came to crash the same year. 

Whitney is pursuing her bachelor’s studies as of 2021. She lives with her father Eminem and maintains a cordial relationship with her half-siblings. In 2017, Whitney came up to the public about her sexuality. She opened up about being a bisexual through her Instagram account. Unlike her sisters, Whitney prefers her personal life out of the limelight, all of her social media handles are set to private. 

Eminem’s Daughters & Net Worth 2021

Eminem had a rough childhood, his father had left him and moved to a new city to start a family when Eminem was just a child. He was bullied and constantly yearned for his father’s love. So growing up he didn’t know what to do as a father but he knew what not to do. Eminem has been taking care of his family. He has three daughters Haile Jade, Alaina Marie Mathews, and Whitney Scott Mathers.

Haile, who is Eminem’s eldest daughter is Eminem’s only biological child. He adopted Alaina Marie, who was Eminem’s sister-in-law’s daughter. And in 2005, Eminem adopted Whitney Scott, who was his ex-wife’s child with her boyfriend. All of Eminem’s children live a wealthy and luxurious life. Eminem has gathered a net worth of $230 million from his successful career in music. He is the provider of the family and has been providing the best to his daughters until now.